Modular Miniature Golf Courses

Modular Miniature Golf

Launched in 2004, Modular Miniature Golf creates custom golf holes and courses featuring the TourLinksTM panel system  integrating any AGS custom design.  This light weight, drainable system can be used indoors and outdoors and is the same modular concept utilized on the decks of cruise ships


Modular Miniature Golf is the perfect solution for restrictive spaces requiring a lighter-weight application such as:  

  • Building roof tops
  • Any deck space
  • Pier structures on beaches / over waterfronts
  • Confined rooms / buildings or "chopped up" spaces
  • Or even needs requiring a movable miniature golf course

Topography is created by either the panel system following the natural or pre-shaped contours of the site in the same manner that we use concrete on outdoor courses.  For applications on permenant flat surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc.), we create topography by custom carving dense ploystyrene foam which is then placed below the panel system. 

All other attributes of the course can be the same with waterfalls, streams, ponds, themed scenes and landscaping.  The carpet is tyipcally computer precision cut with outer edges installed under a molded edge system such as faux rocks, bricks, colorful curbing or evenly integrated with a longer rough turf edge.

Custom Modular Mini Golf Courses

We create signature mini golf courses customized to specific needs such as marketing programs, stadiums, entertainment or cruise ships.  Tell us about your needs or idea and we will create a custom solution.

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