Miniature Golf Soft Putter - NEW!

Introducing the AGS Miniature Golf Soft Putter

Start Eliminating Miniature Golf Course
Damage Caused by Rough Play/Vandalism
& Reducing Related Maintenance

A dented palm tree trunk and broken ships wheel resulted from players using traditional style putters to pound and dent. AGS Soft Putters will minimize damage like this. Although rubber putter heads will eventually show signs of wearing, it is much less expensive to replace putters than to replace structural, cosmetic, or themed elements on the course, where costs may run hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Ever see a player use their putter head to:

  • Knock Edge Bricks off your course?
  • Dent or punch holes in scorecard stands, themed scenes, or props?

Say goodbye to most vandalism and damage with the AGS Soft Putter!

The Result of 3 Years of R&D, the AGS Soft Putter features:

  • Soft rubber heads
  • Fiberglass shaft - lighter weight and no rust
  • 4 Standard Sizes: 27", 29", 32". 35"
  • 4 Different putter head & grip colors:
    red, blue, green & purple

One major cruise line is now specifying the AGS Soft Putter for their entire fleet


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