The AGS Cruise Ship System


Adventure Golf Services has created miniature golf courses and custom putting greens for some of the worlds most popular cruise lines. Our modular panel system is the most reliable and practical system for cruise ships.

We have taken the Modular Product one-step further by engineering a reliable system by which to anchor an entire custom modular putting course or a modular lawn court system to the deck surface of a cruise ship. To protect against the constant exposure to the weather elements, AGS utilizes a special coating on the foam contouring system which significantly extends the life while improving the overall quality of our Cruise Ship Products.

We design in accordance with the certified or maritime specifications (or cruise line company specifications) to withstand hurricane force winds. We bring a seamless, turnkey service to Cruise Ships working with your team of designers and project managers to create the unique entertainment system you envision for your guests to enjoy.

We understand the nuiances of ship renovations and new-builds all of which require detailed project management, communication, logistical control and time constraints during the install.

You can rely on AGS to manage this process to ensure a successful, timely and quality installation. We also provide follow up site reviews to monitor the quality of our product and to provide a detailed report to your project managers.