Miniature Golf Course Props & Obstacles

AGS Deluxe Mini Golf Aluminium Powder Coat Finish Props –AGS has custom designed a variety of interactive and fun props made from aluminum with a powder coat finish.  

Options include:

·         Pachinko 

·         Vortex 

·         Loop de Loop 

·         Ski-Ball 

·         Return to Me 

AGS Props -  A variety of HDPE (faux lumber) geometric shapes for the ball to bounce off or around.  Options include:

·         Cylinder – Large  & Small 

·         Wedge – Large & Small 

·         Straight Bar 

·         Curved Bar 

Standard Mini Links Props – A variety of colored shapes made from heavy duty powder coated aluminum.  

Custom Obstacles–  We work with a variety of theme builders and artists that can create any custom theme piece to fit the look and feel you would like to achieve.  Prices vary depending on the material, size and detail. 

Imagination is the key to fun and adventure at AGS.Our talented designers and competent builders work together to give every miniature golf course its own theme and identity.

Virtually anything is possible when working with AGS. We can provide mini golf course obstacles and holes or build specific pieces that give your miniature course that final touch to transform the ordinary into the spectacular!




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