*Multiple Routes Per Holes*


The 9 or 18 hole course splits the tee from green and then offers two or more routes to the green & hole cup thus the name SplitShot Mini Golf.  The mechanism  called "The Splitter", which splits the shot into two or more directions is located at the end of the ramp and has names such as Vortex, 3 Ways, Bridge Over, Return to Me, Pachinko, and Ski Jump.  Each of these pieces are custom fabricated with fun colors. Troughs are used to connect from the tee or the splitter to and between various greens.




Retail Price


Recommended Space Allocation (approx.)

9-Holes  (Front Nine)


1,800 sq ft

9-Holes   (Back Nine)


1,800 sq ft



3,600 sq ft


Another fun product by AGS!


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