Noah's Adventure P-Ark - Press Release


MEDIA CONTACT: Scott Lundmark, President

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Noah’s Adventurer Cruise Ship

Created for Zoos and Major Markets

Traverse City, MI.... Curious critter tourists are flocking to the launch of the first cruise ship, built exclusively for domestic and wild animals. The ship christened Noah’s Adventurer caters to critters and their families with a variey of cruise ship amenities, according to cruise director, Eunice Unicorn.

The ship is the brainchild of Arne Lundmark, CEO and Chief Designer, of Adventure Golf Services, and is used to anchor two highly themed and intereactive miniature golf courses. Noah’s Adventurer is the next generation miniature golf course created for maximum guest fun and is now available as a licensed product to the amusement, entertainment and related markets, according to Scott Lundmark, Adventure Golf Services President.

The 100’ long by 40’ wide Ark with three decks, each containing four themed golf holes, is a larger than life icon that will attract and create more show and entertainment for families, comments Lundmark.

Eunice Unicorn comments on the deck amenites.  "Our Sports Deck Level three features play on bocce and shuffleboard courts and through the ship’s deck house where an animated Captain Noah drives the ship and interacts with players. Deck Level two has a play-through Fitness Center as critters are trained by expert critter gymnists. The Tour Desk features ports of call including playing through the Dinosaur Pits and Atlantis Ruins."

"My favorite is the Game Room and Teen Party Room Deck Level 1", gushes Eunice. "Here we have critter games such as putt the ball through a Whack-A-Mole type game with animated pop up head and sound effects. Two teen glow-in-the-dark party rooms feature a teen critter birthday party and a beach party."

According to Mrs. Noah, who manages the cruise ship gift store on deck 1, many interesting tourist critters and families arrive at the cruise ship and help create interactive golf holes. One highlight is a never-been-seen-before flooding golf hole where 2,500 gallons of water race down hill and flood on and around two golf greens separated by a bridge that floats with the rising water level. Critters such as hippos in the water disappear below the flood waters


as floating Aardvarks in the flood reservoir began sinking and shout a warning to others that the flood is coming.

The first ship is scheduled for launch in 2014 in Traverse City, Michigan with other markets to follow according to Lundmark.

"We created Noah’s Adventurer as an ideal anchor for large residential or tourist markets, entertainment centers or as free standing miniature golf courses. This is the ideal vehicle for Zoos to generate interest in specific animals, sell more souvenirs, increase per capita spending and length of stay," states Lundmark.

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