Landscape Mini Golf Courses


Landscaped miniature golf courses can be interactive and fun too!  Landscape miniature courses are usually found in smaller markets such as residential markets, campgrounds, smaller resorts, small communities or destinations, or areas where there is a lack of competition.  The primary factor is budget need to build what the market can support.  Landscaped courses are one way to manage the capital budget as compared to an Adventure-style course. 

The overall scope of a miniature golf course design can be adjusted and customized to suit the needs of any owner's budget and any specific market. 

Our miniature golf course designs incorporate the design skills and technology from AGS combined with the vision of the owner.  We listen to the owner and then embellish those ideas, offer new ideas / concepts /  advice based on 30+ years of experience.  The AGS team then uses a combination of hand sketches and CAD software to generate a conceptual and final design that are creative, imaginative and fun...and one the market will support.

AGS founder and CEO Arne Lundmark helped pioneer landscape courses with water and topography in the 1970's and 1980's as a designer, builder and owner of family entertainment centers featuring miniature golf.  "Over the years, course design, construction and methodology have significantly improved and changed to match the needs of the market", says Lundmark. 

"Todays landscape mini golf courses feature: topography, waterfalls, streams, ponds and bridges, interesting contoured golf holes, and golf-hole edges with a variety of finishes.  In addition to all types of themed products and special effects.  They are designed to appeal to the family and generate repeat play."

Outdoor Miniature Golf - Brochure November 2015


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