Adventure Courses

Adventure-style miniature golf courses are commonly seen in large, competitive tourist markets.  However, smaller more residential markets also enjoy adventure-style mininature golf courses...usually on a smaller scale. 

A primary goal in creating an adventure golf course for a large market is to create more show.  As the design process begins, AGS staff will convene to ask, "Where's the Show?".  This is our way of pushing the envelope during the collaborative conceptual design phase to ensure a well thought-out story line, comprehensive special effects plan, interactive golf holes, animation, themed scenes and fun.  Guests at these attractions want more fun and expect a show.

Options to Consider:

  • Topography:  Mountains, Hills & Caves
  • Water features & elements:  Crashing waterfall or a babbling brook?
  • Natural rocks or artificial / faux rockwork
  • Edge System:  More elaborate and themed or brick
  • Use of colored turf, rough turf or sand traps in / on golf holes
  • Specialty lighting
  • Themed Scenes
  • Special Effects:  Sound, motion

"Miniature golf has gone back to the future," comments Arne Lundmark.  In the 50's and 60's courses were interesting to look at and fun to play with their larger-than-life scenes and obstacles.  These courses created fun such as shooting through a windmill with a moving windmill blade.  Today we are recreating what was good back then and updating the show and fun to new standards.

Today's storyline is more intact with themed scenes tied together in a cohesive concept such as mining, pirates, lost world, and outer space.  The scenes are more realistic and offer more interactivity, special effects and ultimately more fun.

Outdoor Miniature Golf - Brochure November 2015

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