A golf learning/practice center, by Adventure Golf Services, that can be custom designed to fit any space or location such as under-utilized tennis courts.  The GolfCourt allows for new amenity and profit center opportunities indoors or outdoors.  It increases accessibility to golf for all ages regardless of skill level.  Learn..Practice..and Play with the GolfCourt today!


  • 5 Driving Range Stations
  • 1,300 sq ft putting green
  • Contoured Chipping area
  • Bunker area
  • Optional Golf Simulator

Ideal for:

  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • School Districts
  • Golf Academies
  • Golf Stores

Testimonials - What people are saying

"Turning an unused tennis court  into a driving / putting / chipping golf range that multiple people can use just seems like the most cost efficient face lift there is for a property. Just makes gut level sense."

"Everyday  I drive by a number of sorry looking unused tennis courts.  They detract from the look of the property and that message cannot be missed by the owner or supervisors of the property.   Your product offering is a simple solution that duplicates the same foot print. " 

Kip Ongstad
National Accounts Manager 

Landscape Communications, Inc.

“The feedback we’ve had so far has been very positive,” he said. “(Installation) was quick and smooth. I was very surprised how simple it was.”

“The biggest plus to this whole thing so far has been having everything so close together, especially when I’m running clinics,” he said. “Before, with the putting range, the chipping green and the course so far from one another, it was difficult for me and for other staff to feel like we were able to give all players good attention.”

            With GolfCourt™,“I can get to them pretty quick and be right there where I can see everything at once. Any time you can be right there with a dozen or more folks, they feel like they’re getting more hands-on than in an ordinary clinic.”

            Not to mention what players can do on the GolfCourt™.

Ernie Altic

Golf Manager / Golf Pro

Fort Sill Military Base



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